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Because "it can't happen here" is no longer good enough!
Basic Pistol Class 500 to 600 rounds of ammo and $100 for the class, contact Jamie 740-359-4718 for interest in any classes. EMAIL - JamieB@strt.us
September 12th & 13th 10:00 a.m. If you wish to zero your rifle, please arrive by 8:30 a.m. The cost is $20 For more information contact JamieB@strt.us
CCW class will be held Sunday, September 6th Class begins at 8:00 A.M., the cost is $75. For more information contact Email: JamieB@strt.us/ 740 359 4718
Guns and Ammunition available For Sale to public
Vast selection of guns available, 2 day shipping to our facility on most items. Call, email or stop by and let us get you pricing on your new gun, instructors available!!! Jamie 740 359 4718
Scheduling classes today, please contact us for interest in class. Jamie Bear JamieB@strt.us/740 359 4718
Brian Scheetz, "Absolute BS Blog" recently attended the Basic Urban Tactical Pistol Class. See what Brian had to say by clicking on the link below
Traveling Ohio State Rt. 7 North or South take the New Alexandria/Smithfield Route 151 Exit. Head West 1.7 miles and turn right on to Cool Springs Road - follow signs 797 Cool Springs Rd, Mingo Juncti
Hess UBU Induction Class every Monday and Wednesday For more information contact Ed Dudzik (740) 310-3738 or Office (740) 598-4891
797 Cool Springs Rd. Mingo Junction, OH 43938
"It's About The Warrior Foundation"
S.T.A.R.T. LLC Looking for qualified drug free candidates to fulfill long term employment opportunities with an environmental, safety and security background. Contact: DineroC@strt.us
The Hoaginator® a perfect solution that meets SBR & serve as a concealable weapon to support clandestine operations.

Because “It Can’t Happen Here” Is Not Good Enough

At 360SafeSolutions, our overarching goal is to save lives.

We do this by providing products and services that increase an organization’s ability to proactively Prevent, Protect, Mitigate, Respond and Recover from critical incidents, regardless of severity. At 360SafeSolutions, we believe “It Can Happen Anywhere.” Thus, we provide solutions that facilitate a threat-aware, proactive and response oriented organization.

S.T.A.R.T. brings to the inventor, researcher, specializes in supporting our government, commercial, State and Local clients, with tailored training courses ranging from Oil & Gas Safety Classes, Fire & Rescue, SWAT Team & Irregular Warfare tactics and techniques thru the application and implementation of field craft specialized instruction. S.T.A.R.T. delivers proactive scenario based training that is focused upon mission success. S.T.A.R.T. works to achieve cost effective execution of the client's requirements and provide unparalleled tactical proficiency to our clients.

Our solutions and services include:

Threat Assessments: A comprehensive assessment to identify realistic threats facing our education facilities. The assessments are delivered by certified former U.S. Government personnel with decades of counterterrorism operations, intelligence, and force protection expertise. The Deliverable is a Threat Assessment tailored to each institution.

Vulnerability Assessments: A detailed evaluation of potential vulnerabilities of our education facilities. Additionally, we provide vulnerability assessments designed to assist in the identification of at-risk students and personnel. The Deliverable is a Vulnerability Assessment tailored to each institution.

Risk Analysis: A streamlined and customizable risk analysis with actionable recommendations designed to identify and mitigate risk. Our grading capability will provide a comprehensive analysis identifying risks associated with any institution. Additionally, our risk analysis can provide a capability to identify high-risk students and personnel. The Deliverable is a Risk Analysis tailored to each institution.

360C3A (Constant Contact Constant Accountability) Application: A dedicated, cloud-based, communication platform that allows users to utilize IOS/Microsoft/Android supported internet-enabled devices to share safety and security information in real-time. In the event of an emergency, the platform systematically sets into a motion a series of automated data calls in order to establish and maintain full personnel accountability throughout the entire period of the response. 360C3A enables student reunification with parents at the end of a significant event by notifying parents and guardians with the whereabouts of their children. The Deliverable is the 360C3A platform, including: integration with each institutions attendance roster, a training program consisting of online tutorials, and classroom practical exercises. The deliverable also includes the initial set-up of data feeds to the first responder community.

Counter Active Shooter Training (C.A.S.T.): A course of instruction focused on active threat awareness, critical decision-making under duress and coordinated, collaborative response utilizing real-world scenarios. The Deliverable is a set of intensive briefings, instructions, and demonstrations on how to address a threat/active shooter incident on school grounds. Students will take part in practical exercises to apply the lessons learned during this course of instruction.

Trainer Programs: Combines cutting-edge technology with tactical experience to provide a comprehensive training program for pre-selected faculty and staff. The program is delivered to individual or regional education facilities via interactive technology and practical hands-on exercises. The client can request a tailor-made program that will fit the amount of training necessary for its particular needs. The training courses offered will be on the 360C3A Application and C.A.S.T. The Deliverable is a cadre of Master Trainers prepared to audit and maintain compliance standards for the program at each institution, along with regional and individual training and train the trainer as required.

360SafeSolutions Continuums Of Safety

Our solution and product portfolio has been designed to support all stages of the safety and security lifecycle:

PREVENT – All Hazards Assessment (Includes Threat, Vulnerability and Risk), 360C3A-App, Training

PROTECT – 360C3A-App, C.A.S.T. , Training

MITIGATE – All Hazards Assessment, C3CA-App, Training

RESPOND – All Hazards Assessment , 360C3A-App, C.A.S.T. , Training

RECOVER – 360C3A-App, C.A.S.T. , Training

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